Dulai Roofing specializes in new and re-roofing projects for residential and commercial sites in Metro Vancouver. We offer a host of roofing products to suit your budget and your architectural requirements.

Roofing Options: Where to Begin

There are many options for high-quality, durable roofing. We can provide a cost-effective recommendation based on your goals. Here are the roofing choices we offer:

Fiberglass-laminated asphalt shinglesFiberglass-laminated asphalt shingles: Long-lasting and cost-effective. Fiberglass laminated asphalt shingles are an economical alternative to tile or cedar. They are quickly becoming the most popular in the residential and light commercial roofing market today. New laminated shingles are available in many styles and colours, and have an attractive texture, resembling a thatched Tudor style roof. Asphalt shingles are available in several price ranges and come with a 30-50 year warranty.

Fiberglass-laminated asphalt shinglesClay tiles: non-combustible and durable. Clay tiles have a rustic, authentic appeal. Europeans have used clay tiles for centuries because of their longevity. Clay tiles are available in many colours as a result of natural kiln-fired hues.

Concrete tiles: Extremely durable and timeless; concrete tiles are available in a range of colours and styles. They give an elegant, architectural look to any building. Concrete tiles adhere to new building code structural requirements and are non-combustible.



Fiberglass-laminated asphalt shinglesCedar shakes: Natural roofing choice with rustic appeal. Cedar shakes are durable and provide insulation from temperature extremes. Cedar roofs have twice the insulating value of asphalt and four times that of fiber-cement composites. Cedar is also sustainable and can be harvested and re-planted continually. For years, architects have relied on cedar for its classic beauty and durability.

Fiberglass-laminated asphalt shinglesSBS modified membranes (torch-on): Torch-on SBS modified membranes are an efficient, modern way to waterproof flat roofs. Especially in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia, roofs withstand extreme weather. Torch-on roofing is a new technology that uses a propane torch to apply a flexible rubberized asphalt (SBS) membrane to your roof. Unlike traditional waterproofing methods, torch-on applies a membrane beneath the insulating layer of your roof; this contributes to its durability in cold weather, up to -18.

Torch-on SES membranes replace the thick four-ply tar and gravel method of waterproofing. Tar and gravel is heavy and likely to crack under pressure or due to low temperatures. Torch on is a more reliable waterproofing technology that can be installed in under a day. It is also a useful carbon store and does not contribute to greenhouse gases.


Fiberglass-laminated asphalt shinglesMetal Panel: Metal panel roofing significantly increases the re-sale value of your home. Metal roofing lasts over 50 years and is ideally suited to the West Coast, where rain predominates. Non-combustible and resistant to rot and moss and other debris problems, metal roofing is a smart option. It is available in a range of colours and style.

We also offer lifelong shingles and designer shingles with sophisticated colours and designs. Contact Dulai Roofing for more information. We specialize in high-quality, affordable roofing for Metro Vancouver and beyond.

Other Products and Services

Dulai Roofing offers a full complement of roofing services and products to meet every need.
In addition to standard new and re-roofing projects, we provide services for

  • Skylights
  • Metal flashings

Brands that We Carry

Certainteed Landmarked Series Pabco Gaf/Elk
Malarkey BP Iko

Dulai Roofing has over 20 years experience installing and maintaining roof systems in the Lower Mainland, the Sunshine Coast and beyond. We offer free estimates. Contact us today for a quote on any of the above products.

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